What is CASPA?

CASPA is the Coursework and Assessment Scheduler for Programme Administration developed by CEDE (Centre for Engineering and Design Education). The system can be accessed on and off campus and allows staff to schedule any type of module assessment including physical, virtual (Learn/TurnItIn), performance, presentation, examination, laboratory, workshop etc. Students can use CASPA to view their assessment schedule, record physical submissions at a CASPA kiosk and view their record of work submitted and returned to them.

Origins of CASPA

The system began in 2008 as a project for a Coursework Submission tool. It stemmed from the requirements of administrators within the then Faculty of Engineering at Loughborough University to provide a common system whereby staff could record the submission of physical coursework by students. The complexity and variation in the existing submission processes across the Faculty meant that the system had to be developed for the individual needs of each department. The Coursework Submission tool was originally developed for the Civil and Building Engineering and through the years it has enhanced to include scheduling and is now used by all Engineering Schools and Loughborough Design School.

CASPA enhancements for 2015-16

CASPA has undergone some significant enhancements for this academic year. The user interface has been enhanced and includes additional features for filtering information. Two key enhancements are the ability to address staggered assessments and the ability to gather assessment data from Learn/TurnItIn and display it in CASPA.

Assessments with staggered deadlines staggered icon

You can now add an assessment to CASPA that has multiple deadlines for the same assessment. This staggered assessment type means that you are able to have a different deadline for each time the same assessment is undertaken by a different set of students. An overview of this feature can be downloaded here: Staggered Assessments in CASPA pdf icon

For example: The same laboratory assessment is run multiple times across a semester allowing different sets of students to attend the laboratory session on different dates. The staggered assessment feature means that the laboratory assessment can now have different submission deadlines dependent on the laboratory session attended.

CASPA access to Learn/TurnItIn assessment data learn icon learn icon

CEDE have worked with IT Services to enable assessment data provided in Learn/TurnItIn to be displayed in CASPA. Although CASPA is unable to directly write information into Learn/TurnItIn a link can now be made manually between an assessment in CASPA and its corresponding virtual assessment in Learn/TurnItIn. This means that Learn/TurnItIn assessment information regarding submission deadlines, student submissions and return of work to students can now be viewed in CASPA. An overview of this feature can be downloaded here: Accessing Learn/TurnItIn data in CASPA pdf icon

Lboro University

CASPA has been redeveloped for 2015/16 by The Centre for Engineering and Design Education at Loughborough University. For more information please contact the development team:
Dr Caroline Lowery
Melanie King

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